Empowered Women

Empower Women

The time, the circumstance, the story, may be different…but we all have a story.
Sometimes the best intentions go astray because people find it hard to change; this is part of the human condition. Sometimes we make the same mistakes over and over… are you curious about why that is? Why we keep doing things that we know will ultimately hold us back, hurt us, and will have painful consequences? We become experts in self-numbing, we may use food, exercise, work, money, relationships, or drugs and alcohol to stifle physical and/or emotional discomfort. The longer we do this, the more difficult it becomes to remain present in any given moment. We have a great motivation working for us though, which is our desire for happiness. Once we become aware, and once we stop holding on, our emotions can do what they are supposed to…move on.

I support individuals seeking clarity in some area of life, it may be working through complex emotions, or a traumatic experience, trying to change negative thinking patterns, learn new techniques to cope with difficult situations, or focusing on some other area of personal growth. I support individuals in learning how to be present in the moments of their lives. I strive to empower others to be active participants in their own lives, and managers of their own emotions. I utilize our time together to teach skills that you will continue to practice and develop in your everyday life. I believe that the bulk of therapy occurs not in my office, but as you live your life, interacting with others, and making choices in every moment along the way.